Tai Chi Raleigh

I was taught the Emei Linji Chan 18 step Tai Chi form by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong. This short, zen Tai Chi form is focused on the movement of energy for optimal health benefits. It is powerful enough to yield enormous health benefits yet can be performed in the time span of a normal workday break, taking no longer than 8 minutes to properly complete. Everyone whom I have ever taught this form, has come back to me and reported a noticeable boost of energy and balancing of mood each time they practice it.

Diligent Tai Chi practitioners report increased energy levels, improved coordination and balance, increased mental clarity, better sleep, less pain, improved digestion, decreased stress, and a more balanced blood pressure.

I have been a student of Tai Chi for 17 years and have been teaching since 2001. Please check out my resume for more details.


Tai Chi for beginners class

  • $27 per class
  • $98 pays for 4 weeks of classes.
    — In 4 weeks you can learn the complete form and gain enough confidence to perform the 18 step tai chi form daily.