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Do you fall asleep easily only to wake up, eyes wide open and exhausted? Do you wake up several times a night? Alternatively, do you have trouble falling asleep? Anyone who suffers from insomnia knows that a lack of sleep can have far more consequences than just being tired all day; in some it causes weight gain, depression, anxiety or a host of other issues. Insomnia can often lead to trouble your relationships because you are on the edge all the time.

Many patients arrive desperately needing a good night’s sleep. Some have tried sleep medication and found that it left them groggy all day. Desperate or not, when new insomnia patients come through our door we am excited. Using acupuncture, we are often able to help get them the sleep they desperately need.

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One to the top ten things people seek acupuncture treatment is for insomnia. It is important to note that most patients will need to give the acupuncture time, meaning at least 3 to 5 treatments. What I tell people is that, within 3 treatments, you should have had glimpses of relief, or a taste of what’s to come. By the fifth treatment, you should have experienced enough that there is no doubt in your mind you are doing the right thing. For some 3 to 5 treatments might be enough for others, it may take more time; that largely depends on your overall health and how long you have been dealing with insomnia. If necessary there are also some great chinese herbal formulas that we can add to the mix, but from my experience most often acupuncture is enough to get the job done.