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Acupuncture for Sprains

Sprains happen when you are putting weight on a joint at the same time as it twists. This over-stretches the ligament. In more severe cases, you will strain or tear the ligament and have a total loss of joint stability.

When people come in for treatment for any type of sprain, we will not only look at the injured area but all of the muscles connected to that area. For example, if someone comes in with a sprained ankle, we have to look above the injury at the hips. If we look at the gluteus medius and discover that it is weak, this could cause the hip to drop and cause the knee to turn inward putting the ankle in a vulnerable position. We would also look at the front and back of the leg to make sure the muscles are open to ensure that the maximum blood supply is available to circulate through the injured area.  Also, issues with tight muscles could lead to tight tendons causing innate stress on the ligaments and joints.

Two factors are critical with all injuries. The biggest issue is how fast we can get the blood, oxygen and qi to the area of injury. Then we need to make sure we release all blockages above and below the area, to maximize the amount of fresh blood flowing in and out of the injury. The body can heal from an injury at a phenomenal rate with maximum blood flowing through the area.

ankle sprain

The quicker you can get in for acupuncture for sprains the better. We have seen dramatic reductions in healing time when someone comes in for treatment the same or the next day after the occurrence of a sprain. For example an ankle sprain that normally takes at least 14 days to heal could be better in 1 to 3 days. When you come to Acupuncture Pain and Stress Center, we will utilize acupuncture along with stretching and tuina massage to reduce swelling further and increase blood supply to the area. We also send most patients home with a topical herbal formula to apply multiple times daily and a short supply of an internal herbal formula, both further assisting in optimizing blood flow and opening blockages between treatments. Typical cases usually only require two treatments.

Remember, the quicker you come in for treatment, the more dramatic the results. Call (919) 260-4104. Schedule your treatment and let’s get you back to doing what you love as quickly as possible.