Motion Sickness

One day during a busy work day a person came up and introduced themselves, then proceeded to ask if I thought I could treat motion sickness. My response was the most-honest one I could think of, “I don’t know, but I am willing to try my best and some research and figure it out.”

This patient reported that they would get motion sickness triggered by riding in a car or plane and various other things. When it this person would get dizzy they would also have a racing heart, get nauseous and get “the sweats.” After some inquiry, I learned that this person’s head felt empty when these episodes happen, and the symptoms get exacerbated when there is hunger.

Four treatments in and the patient had no significant change.  On the fifth treatment, the patient reports cold hands and feet immediately following the treatments, at the same time some “acid in the stomach” feeling is now gone. By the ninth treatment, much to my amusement, my patient started doing some self-testing. They would go on a swing, riding in the backseat of a car, walk in a circle and reported positive results where there were very few symptoms.

On the twelfth treatment, we decided that we could finally declare success. The patient was very excited to report that they did a test where they spun in a circle and got dizzy, but that was it, there was only dizziness.  There was not ill feelings of any sort even when riding in the back seat of a car. This patient was totally fine on a vacation where this patient had to go on a plane.

The power of acupuncture is constantly amazing me.  I love my job.

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