I normally do the first treatment during the follicle stimulation phase to help strengthen your body during that process. Acupuncture is cumulative so the more treatments you can get before the egg retrieval the better.

The next treatment will be right before egg retrieval. The most ideal time is within 24-48 hours of the egg retrieval.

The third treatment is best to do immediately after the embryo transfer. The goal of the acupuncture treatment will be to help the embryo attach to the uterine lining. My personal approach is to do a few acupuncture treatments during the time when you are waiting for a positive pregnancy test.

Once pregnant, the patient is advised to have one acupuncture treatment per week until week 12 (8 treatments) in order to strengthen the pregnancy and prevent miscarriages that can occur in the first 12 weeks. This step is not required, but it can really make a big difference in your pregnancy.


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