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Sports Injury Acupuncture

Sports Injury Acupuncture

Sports injuries are different than everyday injuries. Because of the high demand on an athlete’s body along with all the years of dedication and training, repetitive vectors of stress on the muscles, tendons, joints and bones are created. A person who spends their entire life dedicated to excelling in a physically competitive environment has spent an enormous amount of hours molding their bodies to excel in certain dynamic ways. This changes the functional landscape of the body over time. While this creates a competitive edge, it also can make athletes more vulnerable to certain types of injuries. This is why it is important consider sport-specific physiology and anatomical knowledge to accurately diagnose the specific vectors or pathways of repetitive physical stress placed on the body.

We have used sports injury acupuncture to treat professional athletes, Olympians, the elite amateur and dedicated weekend warriors. Whether you are in the off-season aiming for a full recovery, suffering a mid-season injury and need to get back in the game or seeking to prevent injury and/or maintain a healthy body, our treatments will be tailored to meet your individual needs.

For acute traumatic injuries, our unique style of hands-on acupuncture excels at increasing blood flow while simultaneously reducing pain and bringing down swelling and inflammation. The speed of recovery for every injury, especially post surgical repairs, can be greatly enhanced through proper acupuncture treatment. It is critical to get qi and blood circulating in and through the area quickly. This is one of the reasons we combine massage, stretching and orthopedic movement into our practice.

The first step in getting you back in the game is figuring out the correct pathways of strain and pain. We are the only acupuncturists in Raleigh that take such a comprehensive, individualized approach. We will look at the whole pathway of pain and strain, open up the ashi points (translated “OH YEAH” points, now commonly known as trigger points) as well as treat above and below the area. This is the way acupuncture treatment can reinvigorate the flow of qi and blood and speed up the recovery time and get you back into action. To accomplish this we will use the appropriate combination and sequence of tuina (massage) techniques, therapeutic movement, stretching and acupuncture. We will also utilize organic and lab tested clean formulas of topical trauma herbs when appropriate. These just add another layer of treatment aimed at increasing flow of qi and blood to get you back into the game.

In addition to our specialized sport injury treatments, you will help your body heal quickly by getting adequate sleep and having proper elimination and bowel function. This is an often overlooked but critical step.

All athletes want to get back into action quickly. We specialize in effective, efficient treatments that get to the root cause helping prevent repeated or further injury. Acupuncture is often thought of as a “last ditch effort” for sports injuries. Just as often, we are told by clients that they wish they had come to us first.