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Acupuncture for neck pain

I see so many patients with acute or chronic neck pain and many of them walk out after the treatment feeling so much relief. I truly believe using acupuncture for neck pain will be the best thing you do today. 

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Acupuncture for chronic pain

I see many patients who come to acupuncture as a last resort to fix their chronic pain.  Below is an excerpt from one of the most revered Chinese medical texts.  In the text, it is talking about treating chronic pain

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Acupuncture for muscle knots

Are you considering acupuncture for muscle knots? Please read to learn more about muscle knots and how acupuncture therapy can help. Sometimes an obvious trauma such as a fall, or a hit during sports, causes muscle knots or trigger points

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Acupuncture for back pain

The back is incredible. It supplies a solid support structure, enables us to carry incredibly heavy loads and also allows for rotation, extension and flexion. In order for our back to perform all of these tasks, there are multiple layers

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Acupuncture for allergies?

Most people are excited when the warm weather starts to cool off and the trees start to change. People who suffer from allergies, and especially allergy-induced asthma, often dread this time of year. In Raleigh at this time of year

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Acupuncture for tendonitis

Tendonitisis an inflammation of the tendon or its covering. Tendons are thick bands of fibers that connect muscles to bones. Most people assume a tendon injury happens suddenly, but generally it occurs as more and more tiny tears happen on

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