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Can I Workout Before Acupuncture?

When working with clients at Acupuncture Pain and Stress Center, one of the most common questions I get asked is: Can you exercise after acupuncture? Can you exercise before acupuncture? In this article, we’ll dive into these popular questions and explore the relationship between fitness, corrective exercise, and acupuncture. We’ll discuss how to optimize your recovery with acupuncture, dry needling, bodywork, and exercise so you can get back to working out, playing tennis, or hitting the golf course pain-free. Let’s get started!

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Exercise and Acupuncture

Can you exercise after acupuncture? The answer is “YES,” but generally, I advise patients to wait at least two hours after treatment. There are a few other considerations, too.

I’ve treated many high-performance athletes, including sprinters training for the Olympic trials and professional soccer players. These athletes often received treatment strategically within their intense training schedules for optimal performance. Of course, professional athletes have unique bodies and requirements.

For the rest of us, my advice is to complete any hard workouts BEFORE your acupuncture treatment.

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Before or After

Some patients exercise before treatment, allowing us to address any new issues or flare-ups. However, during treatment, we often include corrective exercise alongside acupuncture (dry needling). It’s best to avoid working the same muscle groups you just exercised right before treatment.

If you receive treatment for leg pain, the combination of manual bodywork, needling, and traction is already a workout for your muscles. They’ll be fatigued afterward, and another intense leg workout would create more problems than it solves. It’s like doing four rounds of heavy squats, going to work, and repeating it all over again – fatigued muscles are prone to injury.

Go for a Walk 

After acupuncture, I recommend a walk to get the blood flowing. This helps minimize any post-treatment soreness. While some patients will work out anyway, I advise against working in the same area we just treated.

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A General Rule

As a general rule, avoid strenuous activity for at least two hours after treatment. If you have no residual soreness after that, you can resume exercise as long as it doesn’t overtax the treated tissues. The next day, if you’re pain-free, you can typically return to your normal workout routine.

We might modify this approach if you have a bad knee that always flares up after tennis. In that case, I might recommend several treatments and specific exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles before you return to the court.

Similarly, with bad hips that flare up during biking, we might take a gradual approach to resuming your workouts. The goal is always a calculated return to full activity.

I encourage you to test things as we progress through treatment so I can address any potential issues. This collaborative approach will get you back on the court or in the gym feeling confident and pain-free. Remember, every situation is unique. Open communication during treatment is key to achieving the best, quickest results.

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How Can Acupuncture Pain and Stress Center Help?

Raleigh, NC we are not just addressing the aches and pains of today; we’re looking ahead, helping you build a foundation of strength and resilience for the future. We are looking to ensure that you’re not just recovering; you’re evolving into a stronger, more capable version of yourself.

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