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Acupuncture Resources

Resources in the Raleigh, NC area – Angela S. McLean, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She incorporates mindfulness meditation into her therapy.  I have had the great pleasure to sit and discuss our approaches to therapy and I would highly recommend Angela to anyone seeking help in this regard.

The Sport Of  Massage– Anyone looking for a therapeutic massage will enjoy the results of a massage from Dagmar Stolp. I have had a great result every time I have been treated by Dagmar.

General Acupuncture Resources – Anyone who enjoys my style of treatment this is the site of one of my teachers Andrew Nugent-Head. Chinese medicine is really about understanding the patient beyond their chief complaint to fundamentally shift the system back into a cycle of health and well being. We build a close relationship with our clients to profoundly affect health today and in the longterm.

If you keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing is your issue going to stay the same or worsen? Do something different and schedule your first acupuncture appointment. We pride ourselves on personalized treatments to get you results quickly so you can get back to enjoying life and doing the things you love.

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General Resources

Alternative Mesothelioma Treatment – For over 20 years, has helped mesothelioma patients and their loved ones, providing free mesothelioma resources about top treatments, specialists, financial assistance, and more.

Call (919) 260-4104 now, and I will be happy to answer any of your questions and get you booked for an appointment.