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Acupuncture for tendonitis

Tendonitisis an inflammation of the tendon or its covering. Tendons are thick bands of fibers that connect muscles to bones. Most people assume a tendon injury happens suddenly, but generally it occurs as more and more tiny tears happen on the tendon over time. This is an overuse injury that is associated with repetitive action. Tendon injuries commonly happen at the muscular-tendon junction, mid-tendon or at the site where the tendon inserts into the bone.

Tendonitis usually presents as burning at the beginning or end of activity. This pain will often lessen during the actual activity then heighten again as the activity subsides. The tendons may also feel stiff and tight first thing in the morning. Another indicator of oncoming tendonitis is feeling or hearing a crunchy sound during tendon use. Most tendon issues start gradually and take a lot of repetition to get worse. Taking early action could help prevent you from ever needing to take time off. On occasion, it is the result an acute sudden injury. In this instance, the quicker you can increase the flow of qi and blood to the area, the quicker the recovery.

Consider this scenario. A runner continually experiences extremely tight hamstrings and calves. This may excessively pull on the Achilles; with the repetitive stress of distance running this tension could very well cause injury. As more and more tiny tears accumulate on the Achilles tendon it weakens, decreasing the already limited blood flow. Without optimal blood flow it becomes increasingly difficult for the tendon to repair itself. Over time if nothing is done but the repetitive activity continues, the athlete runs an increasing risk of rupture.

During the diagnostic part of the treatment we will find the vectors that are causing the most stress on the affected tendon. Our unique acupuncture treatments which include tuina massage and therapeutic movements in the proper sequence can release the ashi points (translated as “OH YEAH” points, commonly known as trigger points). We will then treat above and below the injury to optimize the flow of blood and qi along all the pathways of pain. As tendons are what connects the muscles to the bones, they are made of super dense tissue and has more of a constricted free flow of blood to begin with. We can work to increase the amount of blood and qi getting pushed into the tendon thus decreasing recovery time.

If you keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing is your issue going to stay the same or worsen? Do something different and schedule your first appointment to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. We pride ourselves on personalized treatments to get you results quickly so you can get back to enjoying life and doing the things you love.

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