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You should enjoy life pain-free and not just have to deal with it. I can make it happen.

When you get injured, it’s not just the pain that hurts; it’s losing the ability to do the things you love. The gym feels pointless, running aggravates the injury, even walking the dog becomes a chore.

It feels like your whole identity is tied up in being active, and then boom – it’s taken away. The worst part is that most doctors will tell you to just ease off, cut back, or even stop your activity. But let’s be honest, that’s simply not an option for most of us.

I specialize in helping active individuals and athletes. My primary goal is to get you back to the activities you love. Sports acupuncture therapy blends the wisdom of acupuncture with modern knowledge of injuries, physiology, and biomechanics.

I get to the source of your pain. The goal isn’t just pain relief – it’s about freedom of movement without the fear of reinjury.

Are you tired of pain holding you back from working out, playing sports, or just being active with friends and family?

“The acupuncture I received saved me from having to have back surgery. It was simply amazing how quick it helped to me to be able to return to my daily life. I can even get back on my row machine which I haven't been able to use in 3 years. If you have any question whether you should try it the answer is YES! He was simply amazing and a lifesaver.”

My Sports Acupuncture Therapy Approach

Create the plan

You’re in pain, and it’s stopping your from doing what fuels your life. That’s frustrating. On day 1, we will figure out what the source of your pain is, map out a plan, define milestones to meet along the way that ultimately gets you back to your pain free life as soon as possible.

Execute the plan

You’ll know each step of the plan for getting you off the sideline, and back to what you love. Sports Acupuncture Therapy is a combination of manual therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, corrective and rehabilitative exercise. This isn’t your grandparents PT.

Crush your goals

Pain relief is just the beginning. I give every patient my full attention and I’m personally invested in your results. We’ll work together, celebrating every milestone you achieve! My ultimate goal – you’re so amazed with how effective this is, you can’t wait to tell everyone you know.

What do my patients in Raleigh, NC say?

Recover quickly and safely from injury

Coordinative Testing Transverse Plane Lateral Direction
Coordinative Testing Anterior Direction Load Tolerance

Individualized treatment, tailored to your needs

Let’s get to the root of your pain

Your pain is surface level. But your treatment shouldn’t be.

You’ve likely experienced short-term relief after visiting the doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor. Your symptoms show up at the site of your pain, but there are underlying causes that allowed them to appear in the first place.

Injuries such as back pain or shoulder pain and tennis elbow should be treated holistically, not just at the site. I’ll piece together the whole puzzle to craft an acupuncture treatment plan that will take away your pain. Visit my clinic in Raleigh to get started.

Take back your freedom. Eliminate pain and get back to enjoying life. Here are some resources to get you started.

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