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Eliminate Pain. Restore Movement. Rediscover You.

I understand how pain limits you. My expertise blends ancient wisdom and modern techniques to uncover the root cause of your pain and create a personalized path to lasting relief. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and days in pain. Visit my Raleigh acupuncture clinic and start reclaiming your life.

You’re tired of being limited by pain

You want to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Without relying on medication or suffering through the pain. You deserve long-lasting relief that treats the root of your pain. At my acupuncture clinic in Raleigh, I’ll help you get there.

“The acupuncture I received saved me from having to have back surgery. It was simply amazing how quick it helped to me to be able to return to my daily life. I can even get back on my row machine which I haven't been able to use in 3 years. If you have any question whether you should try it the answer is YES! He was simply amazing and a lifesaver.”

What does treatment look like?

I’ll ask you questions, and spend time listening to get a clear picture of your problem(s).

I’ll uncover the underlying cause of your pain and tailor a treatment for relief from your injury.

Hands-on treatment
You’ll receive comprehensive, holistic treatment using cutting edge techniques.

I’ll provide you with a graduated movement strategy to improve recovery time and give lasting relief.

You get back to living your life. Pain-free, active, and healthy.

What do my patients in Raleigh, NC say?

Recover quickly and safely from injury

Coordinative Testing Transverse Plane Lateral Direction
Coordinative Testing Anterior Direction Load Tolerance

Individualized treatment, tailored to your needs

Let’s get to the root of your pain

Your pain is surface level. But your treatment shouldn’t be.

You’ve likely experienced short-term relief after visiting the doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor. Your symptoms show up at the site of your pain, but there are underlying causes that allowed them to appear in the first place.

Injuries such as back pain or shoulder pain and tennis elbow should be treated holistically, not just at the site. I’ll piece together the whole puzzle to craft an acupuncture treatment plan that will take away your pain. Visit my clinic in Raleigh to get started.

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Take back your freedom. Eliminate pain and get back to enjoying life. Here are some resources to get you started.