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Lasting relief from your pain

So you can start to feel like yourself again. No more sleepless nights or days in pain. Visit my acupuncture clinic in Raleigh and start feeling better.

You’re tired of being limited by pain

You want to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Without relying on medication or suffering through the pain. You deserve long-lasting relief that treats the root of your pain. At my acupuncture clinic in Raleigh, I’ll help you get there.

“The acupuncture I received saved me from having to have back surgery. It was simply amazing how quick it helped to me to be able to return to my daily life. I can even get back on my row machine which I haven't been able to use in 3 years. If you have any question whether you should try it the answer is YES! He was simply amazing and a lifesaver.”

What does treatment look like?

I’ll ask you questions, and spend time listening to get a clear picture of your problem(s).

I’ll uncover the underlying cause of your pain and tailor a treatment for relief from your injury.

Hands-on treatment
You’ll receive comprehensive, holistic treatment using cutting edge techniques.

I’ll provide you with a graduated movement strategy to improve recovery time and give lasting relief.

You get back to living your life. Pain-free, active, and healthy.

What do my patients in Raleigh, NC say?

Stephanie Boyter
Stephanie Boyter
November 5, 2023
After several years of battling some uncomfortable automatic symptoms of somatic anxiety, I finally tried acupuncture with Jim and have started noticing dramatic results. Of all the things I’ve tried for relief, this has been the most effective by far. I’m very excited about my results!
mary Darbro
mary Darbro
October 31, 2023
Great experience! Jim helped my leg pain that I have been dealing with for over 4 years… I saw ortho, neurology, PCP and did PT and numerous meds for it and nothing worked. There was no clear cause. A co- worker recommended Jim and he listened to me and after a few acupuncture treatments it has significantly improved! Scheduling one more. Highly recommend and I will go back for any other issues that come up. Definitely worth trying to fix an issue with this experienced provider first over invasive procedures and/or meds in my opinion. I was also glad that my health care savings plan accepted the services.
C Nique
C Nique
October 5, 2023
Jim made my first experience comfortables and personable. I don't like needles but after my first session I was looking forward to my weekly appointments. I had several acupuncture places to choose from but I lucked up with selecting Jim. I highly recommend his clinic.
Jill V
Jill V
September 18, 2023
I found this practice by searching on Google, and it was the sponsored link. I had never tried acupuncture, but my restless legs syndrome and ankle pain from chronic instability was ruining my quality of life. I work in “western medicine” as a professional at a local hospital and turning to Chinese medicine was definitely a step out of my comfort zone. I read a few reviews here on Google and decided to give it a chance. I went into the office feeling skeptical, but I was very open about all that I was experiencing and open to giving it a try. Jim has a great bedside manner and we agreed to attempt to treat my restless legs and pain/instability. I did not think that the treatment would help the ankle instability at all, but I was hopeful regarding pain and restless legs. Much to my amazement the treatment was life-changing for my ankle pain and instability. I am not sure about the physiology or mechanism of how the relief was achieved, but the treatment seemed to loosen up what felt like knots in a few of the muscles in my legs, especially in the calf muscle where Jim palpated prior to applying the needles. It felt like when you have a knot in your back and massage therapist loosens it up. The morning after my first of five treatments, I woke up without pain on standing from the bed Since that morning I have not even needed my ankle-foot orthosis brace that I had been dependent on. I no longer feel painful overuse injuries every time that I try to walk for more than ten minutes, and I don’t feel hopeless about losing my mobility anymore. The treatment did not achieve success with my restless legs and I still depend on medication nightly for that issue, but I’m a believer in this treatment for some problems. I would recommend this particular practice for caring and professional application of acupuncture technique and expertise. Read about Jim on the website prior to your appointment. I think you will find that he is a trustworthy acupuncturist.
July 20, 2023
I came here for help with TMJ pain and dysfunction after previously treating with an ENT TMJ specialist. Despite interventions like “cold laser” and months of wearing a mouth brace that made things worse, doing recommended stretches, etc I had kind of given up. Several months later my jaw was still bothering me, and I read a study about the potential effectiveness of acupuncture for TMJ problems. I experienced tremendous relieve after the first two sessions alone, and in total completed 4 sessions. I hesitate to say it’s completely healed as I think bad clenching habits might flare it up in the future, but I am now 99% symptom free. This was such a rapid and dramatic improvement. Please do yourself a favor if you are experiencing TMJ issues and give Jim a try. I wasted thousands of dollars on an out of network specialist with no meaningful improvement. Jim - seriously, thank you so much. You do great work!
John Townsley
John Townsley
May 7, 2023
I had 12 sessions and the results were excellent. I am needle phobic and was reluctant to try acupuncture but my LMD talked me into it. Over the course of the sessions I experienced increased relief of my symptoms of bilateral sciatica. At the conclusion I had evidence of my improvement from my step counter on my phone..My walking speed increased over .5 mph and my walking step length increased by over 4 in. I have purposely waited a month post treatment to address whether the changes have persisted and I am happy to tell tell you things are still getting better. I highly recommend Jim and will return for follow ups
Rhonda Cole
Rhonda Cole
May 5, 2023
The acupuncture I received saved me from having to have back surgery. Which would probably not have solved my pain problem anyway. It was simply amazing how quick it helped to me to be able to return to my daily life. I can even get back on my row machine which I haven't been able to use in 3 years. If you have any question whether you should try it the answer is YES! He was simply amazing and a lifesaver.
Peg Mulqueen
Peg Mulqueen
April 11, 2023
Jim helped relieve pain in my heal that I hadn’t been able to get rid of with traditional methods. I’m so happy I went for an appointment.
Meichelle Stroud
Meichelle Stroud
April 7, 2023
Jim helped me so much. As a nurse I'm on my feet non-stop. I've seen several orthopedic surgeons and doctors about my plantar fasciitis with just needles and steroids that lasted a short while and never fixed me. Jim was the first to tell me I had an issue with the ligaments in the side of my foot. He has made it possible to walk without constantly being in pain. My days are now not so hard to tolerate plus he showed me how to exercise and help my hips and lower back pain. Thank you Jim, you saved this old nurses life.
Mary Kendrick
Mary Kendrick
March 31, 2023
James thank you so much for get me back to normal. I couldn't move good and back and leg pain and James help me. I would go see him if you have any pain on your body. Thanks 😊

Recover quickly and safely from injury

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you want relief from your pain. 

Feel better quickly with a combination of acupuncture, dry needling, and cutting edge hands-on techniques.

Coordinative Testing Transverse Plane Lateral Direction
Coordinative Testing Anterior Direction Load Tolerance

Individualized treatment, tailored to your needs

No two injuries are the same. You need a personalized treatment and rehabilitation plan. One that’s specific to you and your recovery goals.

Let’s get to the root of your pain

Your pain is surface level. But your treatment shouldn’t be.

You’ve likely experienced short-term relief after visiting the doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor. Your symptoms show up at the site of your pain, but there are underlying causes that allowed them to appear in the first place.

Injuries such as back pain or shoulder pain and tennis elbow should be treated holistically, not just at the site. I’ll piece together the whole puzzle to craft an acupuncture treatment plan that will take away your pain. Visit my clinic in Raleigh to get started.

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